How create a website? take and look at our website and take a idea about how make a web page.

How Create a Website?? Learn About How Create a Web Page

How create a website??

You asked yourself how to create a website??... Answer: It is totally easy to create a website, there are many companies which you can open a account and do it yourself.

How does it work??

By creating an account with these companies you will have access to some tools where you simply enter and you can select the style of your website, create animations of images, videos and texts and add any type of information you want, and you can upload your own photos or Videos to put them in your web page. All this without having to program any code.

When open account with these companies you will have to choose and buy your domain name, (your page name) remember when choosing a hosting plan the domain name for the first year is free and then every year you will have to pay for it.

What is a website hosting ??

Every web page is hosted on a computer that serves as a server which has to be connected to the internet all the time without internet or electricity interruptions. If you know of programming you can configure your own computer to host your web page, but all the time it will have to be on and with internet.
Whatever option you choose each year, you will have to pay for your domain name (name of your web page).

Below is a list of these companies. They have different rates and options.
keep in mind that these are the basic plans. They all have other plans and they include more options.